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Streamlined Windsurfing was established in 1982 by David Dominy to design and produce high performance windsurfing components. Back then Dave’s first design was the first, the original, ‘Tendon’ universal joint. This design has become the industry standard throughout the world and is arguably the most imitated design in all of windsurfing.

To this day our own ‘Streamlined Tendon’ joint has proven over the years to be strongest and best performing of them all. After the ‘Tendon’ joint came our popular ‘Quick-six’ downhaul system. Then the all alloy, ‘Super-lite’ extensions, and then, the incredible and innovative “Dyneema Boom Head”.

As you get to know Streamlined and our designs you will see performance is our top priority, second only to durability. Further, our manufacturing quality is well known, guaranteeing you can’t get more for your money. Our ultimate goal is to enhance your windsurfing experience.

‘Ride hard, ride Streamlined’!

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